Mihir Garh, the fort of the Sun, seems to materialize from the rugged, majestic desert itself.

This elegant structure finds it's inspiration in rural village architecture of western Rajasthan, as can be seen with the tall mud walls, the slightly rounded corners, the numerous alcoves and of course, the aesthetically conceived fireplaces. This fort indeed stands as a proud representative of all that its land is best known for: royalty, a robust culture and rustic charm.

In fact, from its conception, to its completion, every single workman involved in bringing Mihir Garh to life, hails from the region itself. Nothing has been outsourced. Instead, every nook and corner has been lovingly created by us, along with our very talented team. We would be delighted to share our dream with you: Mihir Garh, the haven where you can experience sheer luxury amidst the wilderness of the Thar.

One of most popular activities, this is truly picnicking like Royalty! A beautiful location by one of the many small lakes and jheels that dot the region.

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