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    Village Safaris

    What is a land without its people? The village Safari is Mihir Garh's signature program that enables our guests to feel the very pulse of rural Rajasthan. The little mud houses, the turban clad men, the shy, beautiful women, dressed in their traditional costumes. To make this experience, even more intimate, the guests visit the homes of the village folks and share a slice of their life. Western Rajasthan is home to the ‘Premier ecologists of the world', the Bishnois, who have protected nature for more than 500 years and are responsible for the very survival of species like the Black Buck antelope (India's most beautiful antelope and a rare and protected species today). They share a beautiful relationship with this special animal, wherein the antelope stays close to Bishnoi habitation, never leaving it, and displays complete trust in the Bishnoi people. Guests also meet the Raikas (shepherds) with their glorious costumes, and the Pliwals and Meghwals, the Brahmin farmers and weavers respectively. As one of the earliest pioneers of this concept, we are proud to share our rich and vibrant cultural heritage with you at Mihir Garh.

    Equestrian Program

    The equestrian program at Mihir Garh is among the finest in the country. The best specimens of the Marwari breed of horses will give you a sense of sheer strength and freedom, as you ride across the vast, virgin wilderness. Mihir Garh will mesmerize the nature lovers with its variety of wild life and multihued birds. One may also have the pleasure of sighting the rare and beautiful Antelope of India: the Black Buck. The itinerary can be personalized to gift you an unparalleled riding experience in this majestic land of sands and sunsets.

    From the popular sunrise or sunset rides, to full day rides with overnight in a luxury mobile camp, with attached bathroom - running water and flush toilets ! Further, there is the extensive three and four day riding itinerary with overnights in Mobile camps and Heritage properties like Rohet Garh and Fort Chanwa. All our rides are designed such that you derive maximum pleasure of riding some of the finest horses of the ‘Marwari ‘breed, and experience and enjoy the rich culture of the land.

    Bird Watching

    The winter months attract a vast variety of birds into the region, where in a good year up to 200 different species can easily be sighted. The lakes and Jheels around Mihir Garh are a haven for birds. A bicycle, a bird book, a bottle of water, a pair of binoculars, packed breakfast, accompanied by an escort is all that a true bird-lover needs!

    Royal Picnic

    Royal picnics, reminiscent of a bygone era at Mihir Garh, gives our guests the feeling of re-living the past. The set under an ornate tent pitched exclusively for you by a small lake, the delicious food and wine laid upon crisp covers, the live music orchestrated by the gentle ripples of the lake, the birds going about their daily chores, the antelope coming to drink their fill and the occasional passing herd of sheep guided by a shepherd will all come together to create a memory worthy of being cherished.

    Shikar Dinner

    The Shikar Dinners take you back to the days of the Raj, when Shikar (hunting) was the sport of the day. This led to many a night spent out in the wilderness, waiting in the dim moonlight of the Thar Desert. At Mihir Garh, we give you a taste of this feeling of seclusion and solitude in the starlight. The sounds of the desert to entertain and the crackling of the bonfire to keep warm in the winter nights, you can enjoy the soft tunes of the Rajasthani folk musicians and feast on a traditional Indian barbecue dinner.

    You can lose yourself to the endless expanse of nothingness when the world is only as large as the glow of your bonfire and ponder on the mysteries of life as you look at the starry skies while lying back on a camel cart which takes you home.

    Culinary Workshops

    Our guests wonder how we are able to provide them with a wide array of delectable dishes. In answer, our trained staff takes them through the unique experience of culinary demonstrations and workshops. The recipes come from Late Thakurani Sahbia Jayenda Kumari's books (owner's mother) on traditional Rajasthani food. Guests can experiment with their own favorite recipes until they are confident that they can re-create the same taste at their homes. Else, they can remain mere spectators of the fine art of cooking - and later enjoy the delicacies at a special dinner.

    Mihir Garh, true to its heritage, is a perfect host. It gives you all that you ask for, and a little more.

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