Nature's Embrace


Seven Luxury tents sit on a small mound overlooking the expansive shrublands of the Thar. The indigenous flaura in its breathtaking hues swaying to the breeze as the setting sun paints the sky in fantastic colours as a last hurrah before it retires for the night...and you are embraced by a healing calm as you listen to the silence, sitting in the verandah of your Tent. The visuals of the soft desertscape and the sounds of the birdsong touch deep within and you are engulfed by a peace that stirs your soul.

We take pride in presenting our Wilderness Camp. An unforgettable experience that brings you close to nature from the cosy comforts of your beautifully appointed Tent. All the Tents are furnished with polished teak wood furniture handcrafted by the local craftsmen. Well appointed bathrooms with solar water heating, and a high quality of linen, floor rugs and amenities

The common areas with fire places ,specially created by the village women in traditional materials of clay and dung, and adorned by traditional motifs and mirror inlay, with cackling fires. The soft furnishings handpicked by the lady of the house - Thakurani Rashmi, the table linen and the white on white curtains, all come together in creating an area which oozes class and is irresistibly inviting.

A great way to arrive at the Camp is on Horseback! ( Madonna did just that!!) You could even arrive in your safari jeep having traversed the country side looking for antelope and such, to a high tea and a glorious sunset!

The Wilderness Camp experience is a soothing balm for your soul, with delectable cuisine and understated luxury under canvas. A haven of peace for the upliftment and rejuvenation of spirit and soul.


The tents are luxurious, with modern, teakwood polished furniture, rich jute floor rugs and a beautiful block printed lining adorning each tent. There are two common lounge and dinning areas, made from the traditional thatch and dung plaster, just like the Bishnoi Dhanis

Following is a list of room ammenities available at Rohet Wilderness Camp

  • Lovely large windows with pull up flaps

  • Permanent insect netting on the windows to ensure that you experience the freshness of the desert air and the panoramic views, all the while keeping unwanted insects at arms length!

  • Attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water

  • Flushable toilets and proper wash basins.

  • Beautiful electric lamps by the bedside and on the writing table to provide just the right amount of light.


Luxury tents with attached bathrooms overlooking the wilderness.

Queen Bed Sleeps 2 (Twin Beds)

Vanity with Inara amenities

Attached bathroom

View of the wilderness

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From village safari to bird watching, indulge into our various signature experiences carefully curated for a heartfelt experience


An excursion into the heart of rural Rajasthan

Pioneered by us way back in 1988, The Village Safari still remains our main highlight. Showcasing the best of the land, it is a cultural experience, which encompasses all that this region has to offer. From the warm and hospitable people, to the various customs and ceremonies, the local crafts and the abundant wildlife, guests have the rare privilege of being welcomed into people’s homes and interacting with them. They get to experience and understand a way of life that takes them closer to their roots.

They meet the ‘Premier ecologists of the world’, the Bishnois, who have protected nature for more than 500 years and are responsible for the very survival of species like the Black Buck antelope (India’s most beautiful antelope and a rare and protected species today). They share a beautiful relationship with this special animal, wherein the antelope stays close to Bishnoi habitation, never leaving it, and displays complete trust in the Bishnoi people. Guests also meet the Raikas (shepherds) with their glorious costumes, and the Paliwals and Meghwals,( the Brahmin farmers and weavers.)

This unique tour is made possible solely because of the host family’s special relationship with the local people from various communities and walks of life, which allows rare access into every home visited, where guests are welcomed as their very own.


Experience the Thar wilderness astride the legendary Marwari.

Today Mihir Garh boasts of one of the finest stables of the Marwari horse in the country. This horse’s sensitive but honest disposition and it’s beautiful, free flowing gait make it a delight to ride. The owner himself beautifully schools the horses at Mihir Garh. By offering riding to our guests, we present a special opportunity to the intrepid horseman to experience and cherish this beautiful horse.

Mihir Garh is proud to introduce an extensive tailor-made equestrian program ranging from an hour long morning ride to a six days’/nights’ riding safari exploring the region of western Rajasthan around Rohet. Apart from offering a superb riding experience on beautiful horses, it is also a great cultural experience, which gives a deep insight into the rich culture and traditions of this region of Marwar, as well as offering great game-viewing opportunities. (The reaction of antelopes and other animals in the wild is altogether different when approached on horseback!)

This region of western Rajasthan makes for almost perfect riding country with its semi arid shrub and bush vegetation, wide, open spaces and soft terrain. All itineraries are carefully selected so that riding on tarmac roads is totally eliminated. Passing through delightful small villages and ‘Dhanis’ to access every village and home they pass, and experience the legendary hospitality and warmth of our people of Marwar. It makes an almost overwhelming cultural experience.

In spite of the region being quite dry and arid, it is surprisingly rich in wildlife. Herds of the rare famous Black Buck antelope, the Blue Bull antelope and the petite Chinkara are very common viewing on our rides. The region is also very rich in bird life with over 200 different species to be sighted. The itineraries are tailor-made to suit the requirements of our guests, keeping riding ability and time duration in mind. Overnight accommodation provided during the rides are at our other luxury properties; The Rohet Wilderness Camp and Mihir Garh which are ideally located to culminate a full day ride from Rohet Garh. On the longer rides, accommodation is also provided in luxury mobile tents. These are furnished with two full sized beds, luggage stands, lounge chairs and tables. The attached bathrooms are special, as there is running water, with flushable toilets, regular washbasins and showers! • Although we provide riding hats, guests are recommended to carry their own gear. • We use regular English saddles and tack. • Basic riding ability is necessary for our programs. Guests should be comfortable putting the horse through its paces. • Best season is October to March.


The perfect bicycle excursion for the enthusiastic birder.

The winter months attract a vast variety of birds into the region, where in a good year up to 200 different species can easily be sighted. The lakes and Jheels around Mihir Garh and Rohet Garh are a haven for birds. A bicycle, a bird book, a bottle of water, a pair of binoculars, packed breakfast, accompanied by an escort is all that a true birder needs!


Reviving the legend of the Indian horse.

The winter months attract a vast variety of birds into the region, where in a good year up to 200 different species can easily be sighted. The lakes and Jheels around Mihir Garh and Rohet Garh are a haven for birds. A bicycle, a bird book, a bottle of water, a pair of binoculars, packed breakfast, accompanied by an escort is all that a true birder needs!


Luxurious dining experience amid the wilderness.

Royal Picnics are a great extension of our safaris. Be it in jeeps or on horseback, the Royal Picnic is a grand recreation of a bygone era, where you are waited upon by liveried attendants; large mattresses with bolsters and soft cushions spread by a soothing water body invite you to kick up your feet, and a choice of cool beverages await your discretion. The food is delicious, served hot on tables with crisp linen and a bottle of wine… and then you drift into sweet slumber watching the pied kingfisher dive for his lunch just yards away from you!


Reminiscent of a bygone era, a dining experience unlike any other.

The Shikar Dinners take you back to the days of the Raj, when Shikar (hunting) was the sport of the day. This led to many a night spent out in the wilderness…camping in the dim moonlight of the Thar Desert. At Mihir Garh, we recreate this truly royal experience. The tranquil desert landscape bathed under a spectacular night sky embraces you, as you wind your way lounging on your camel cart to the campsite. Mashaal lit pathways and a crackling bonfire welcome you as you step off your camel cart . Bolstered cushions on traditional chaarpies beckon you, and you give in to the pampering… a glass of your favourite poison in hand, you are entertained by the enthralling Manganiyar folk musicians and the Terrah Taal dancers through the evening, with our ever attentive team serving you a choice of the most delectable kebabs and barbeque….and as if that were not enough, you are then softly ushered along a candle lit path culminating at a beautifully appointed table, with crisp linin and candles to be served a delicious traditional dinner under the glorious night skies.

You can lose yourself to the endless expanse of nothingness when the world is only as large as the glow of your bonfire and ponder on the mysteries of life as you look at the starry skies while lying back on a camel cart which takes you home.


Unravel secrets from the legendary kitchens of the late Thakurani Jayendra Kumari Sahiba.

Guests have called a meal at Mihir Garh their best in India. This resulted in the late Thakurani Sahiba Jayendra Kumari authoring a small cookbook on our cuisine. Under her expert guidance, we began our culinary workshops. Today her legacy is carried forward by her daughter in-law, Rashmi Singh. Our workshops promote traditional Rajasthani cuisine and are extremely comprehensive and popular. The guests are not only given demonstrations but also practical training following which they get to sample their own efforts!


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64 km from the airport

3 km from the bus stop

12 km from the railway station


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